Lime Tree Honey

Lime Tree Honey

Lime Tree Honey

General characteristics

Highly aromatic honey, with a very typical flavour.

Botanical origin
Tilia spp. – Fam. Tiliaceae

Geographic origin
Produced only in Montefeltro.

Visual test
this honey crystallizes slowly, often producing rough and irregular crystals. When liquid it takes an amber colour to become pale white when crystallized.

Odour test
Its scent is of a medium intensity, fresh and minty.

Taste test
At tasting it gives the same fresh sensation as in the odour test. It has a deep, fresh mint-like, balmy flavour.

Lime tree honey has strong calming properties on the nervous system. It can help convulsions and sleeplessness.
Honey availability is not assured every year and/or all the year round due to the natural variability of its production. Beware of those who offer honey every year for twelve months. We are not an industry, we are farmers and we are tightly connected to Mother Nature and its seasons.
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