Sunflower Honey

Sunflower Honey

Sunflower Honey

General characteristics

The collection and production of this specific type of honey was restarted only a few years ago, because of the problems bees had with this flower, probably generated by the use of pesticides that are highly toxic to bees, applied during the seed’s curing phase.

Botanical origin
Helianthus annuus – Fam. Compositae

Geographic origin
Produced only in Montefeltro.

Visual test
The crystallizing process of sunflower honey is very fast. When liquid, it is usually bright yellow. It darkens slightly when crystallized.

Odour test
Light scent of straw, wax, pollen, cropped hay, pineapple, jam and tomato leaves.

Taste test
Similar to odour characteristics, it tastes slightly herbaceous, with a refreshing sensation, reminding of melted sugar. When finely crystallized, it becomes more fruity, reminding of ripe apricots, with star anise aftertaste

The most important property of sunflower honey is that it fights cholesterol. Many researches show that sunflower honey can be an effective aid against hypercholesterolemia.
Honey availability is not assured every year and/or all the year round due to the natural variability of its production. Beware of those who offer honey every year for twelve months. We are not an industry, we are farmers and we are tightly connected to Mother Nature and its seasons.
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