Orange Honey

Orange Honey

Orange Honey

General characteristics

This is a very delicate honey, much appreciated for its aftertaste of orange blossom.

Botanical origin
Citrus spp. – Fam. Rutaceae

Geographic origin
Collected by our bees permanently living on the Ionian coast of Basilicata, an Italian region.

Visual test
It crystallizes quite fast, producing medium-sized crystals. The colour may vary from light straw yellow to dark yellow. When crystallized, it becomes pearly white.

Odour test
This is a very aromatic honey, reminding of orange blossom when fresh; over time it becomes more fruity, but it remains very scented.

Taste test
Quite sweet, it enhances and confirms the olfactory sensations. It maintains a strong orange blossom taste and, depending on the season, it can have a different fruity after taste. Refreshing and quite persistent in the mouth.

This honey has sedative and antispasmodic properties. It is useful for very anxious and nervous people and in case of headaches, sleeplessness and palpitations. It also has a tissue healing power and it is particularly recommended to those suffering from stomach ulcer. It may also be used as thirst-quencher when mixed with cold tea.

Honey availability is not assured every year and/or all the year round due to the natural variability of its production. Beware of those who offer honey every year for twelve months. We are not an industry, we are farmers and we are tightly connected to Mother Nature and its seasons.
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