Family and business

fam_intera “Gabannini’s Apicolture “ means “Gabannini’s Family”

“Gabannini’s beekeping” means “Gabannini’s Family”. It’s not possible to separate this pair, they are two worlds that benefit each other. Gabannini’s Family is bounded with its products, which are guaranteed and proposed with the awareness of a traditional family, which respects its own territory.

babbo_figlio A centenary history

The factory was born in Urbino in the so far 1913 from the fascination of a child, Marino, and his love for the “strange world” of bees. It was that year, when a little child took a bee and, like in fairy tale, put it in a little box to produce honey. Since then the little Marino revealed his true nature of bee keeper. The factory began to produce and sell honey already in that year, first to the neighbours and then to other people interested in Marino’s devotion. The little world of Marino and Artemisia, his wife, has become, over the years, a true factory that Marino’s son, Gualtiero, and his wife Gina has expanded and increased like a Family Factory.

dedica From tradition, the quality

The choice of beehives management, in the full respect of bees, without stretching them and
paying constantly attention to signals that nature sends, have expanded beekeping horizons, which has continued to offer high quality products.


By the years, the difficulties in the beehives management has increased, mostly due to sanitary problems of bees which have motivated Giorgio, Gualtiero’s son, to jump in the beekeeping career. In the 80’s Giorgio begins to collaborate with his father and with Marino, the true heart of factory, who dispenses his principles and poems about bees; also the factory continues its growth and begins to differentiate its offer, proposing new typologies of honey products with organoleptic and healthy properties.

uomo_tiene_api New generations

By the noughties Fabrizio, Gualtiero’s grandson, joined the factory , acquiring the principles of the firm: working in perfect harmony and with a totally respect of bees and territory.

Miele The firm has been able to carve out space in the market of hive products small but large enough to allow the Gabannini’s family to continue passing on the values ​​ that made their Beekeeping a point of reference among the devotees of beehive products. A company born as a fairy tale, is still making us dream.